Where and How to Date Me

Okay. First off, let us appreciate how instagrammable this café is! I could imagine myself slouching on the couch covering half of my body with a blanket, reading a book and sipping one hot drink, while someone is preparing my green salad. Ahhh life! Wait, I’m not done yet. It’s a rainy day and a country song is playing on the radio (or in today’s case, mini speaker because it’s trendy). How I love to live in a countryside!I always tell AJ that I am not a high maintenance girlfriend. I prefer dates at the park, picnics, or movie dates at home. Or even eating streetfoods. But living in the middle of the city just wouldn’t give us a quiet place to date.
I easily get bored whenever we go to the malls and just strolling around. I don’t even want to shop because 1. the prices are totally insane 2. i cannot afford to splurge my hard earned money into something that doesn’t even last for 5 years and 3. I still get compliments on my outfits that people don’t know are from thrift shops.

I would always, always prefer nature view than city view. Taking me to the beach would be really very exciting for me than taking me to the movies where we have to pay almost 500 bucks for not even 2 hours of show. Well, we are just lucky that AJ’s mom would give us free tickets as one of her job perks. But then we still have to spend money for our snacks which cost more than 2 movie tickets. I am not saying that we should never ever spend even 20 pesos on our dates but really, spending that much is not wise, especially that there are other ways to enjoy the moment in an inexpensive and more intimate way.

So anyway, my friend recommended me this café. Why have I not discovered this sooner? I tell you, this is located in the middle of the city but is a little hidden. Thank God for that because every time I go there, it’s never crowded. There are always vacant spots. Actually, I spent 2 birthdays here already. Whaaat. The owner should give me a discount card.

Here is AJ’s favorite cold drink. He doesn’t like hot by the way. Only hot girlfriend. Oh I’m just kidding.I’m guessing this is the Eggs Benny-Bacon. Come on, just order anything from their menu. Everything tastes really really good. Invite me when you go there. I would finish everything you don’t like.
As opposed to what I just said, I never get to finish this Pumba Rice. The serving looks small but it’s really plenty. It goes a lot into your tummy.
Everyone, all hail for this Croque Madame I crave for everyday. I can’t recall how many times I have ordered this.
I know I just mentioned that I prefer inexpensive dates but this one is really an exception. For Pete’s sake, please visit this café and order everything. You will regret not buying something for take out.
As much as I don’t want to share with you where it’s located because I’m as selfish as that, I also want you to try out my favorite Yolk – Coffee and Breakfast located in Tan Kim Building, 80 Tres Borces Padres St, Cebu City, Cebu. Fun fact, I just googled the complete address because I’m bad at giving directions. They are open from 7AM – 7PM daily, except on Saturdays and Sundays. They are until 9PM. Isn’t this the perfect place for brunch?

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