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Gold Sandals | Figlia

This was what I wore last Sunday for church and date. I always try to look feminine enough on Sundays and a little sexy on Saturdays to compromise my corporate attires on office days. How many times have I said days in one paragraph? lol.
This week has been quite indescribable. I was supposed to post something last Sunday but I couldn’t think of anything to write. I sat on the chair for maybe about 2 hours. Guess what, nothing came up. Today, I tried again. I don’t know how this would go, but I just want to keep writing and tell you random little things. Oh, dear self. Where are those days when I never run out of things to say?
Last Friday, I was walking along Bonifacio High Street alone. I didn’t want any company. I usually walk briskly, but that time, I walked as slowly as I could, as if I was lonely. I passed by a man singing with his guitar strapped over his shoulder. His empty guitar case laid open in front of him, awaiting for people to throw in some cash. No one watched him nearby just yet, but I’m pretty sure some people are listening. His music was loud enough and he has a nice voice. I guess it was still too early. People usually gather around after dinner. I wanted to stop by and just listen to the songs he played and cry. I was not sad but I felt like crying. This is probably because of my PMS. I’m weird lately.
I am reading a book again, after 7 months. I would like to congratulate myself for that. I just started it last night. Actually, it was past 2 AM already and I couldn’t sleep. I tried to tire my eyes. It worked after 5 chapters. Tonight, I’m gonna continue after I post this. Too bad, I left the last book of this series back home in Cebu. I’m currently reading The One. The set was gifted to me by AJ 3 years ago. I didn’t get to finish them all ‘cause I kept buying new ones to read.
Earrings | Divisoria
I dropped by at Fully Booked on my way home last Friday. It was so tempting to buy good freaking books but I can finish one in a whole day or two. I didn’t want to spend more than 200 bucks and make use of it for only 2 days. I went home empty-handed and cooked instant noodles for a light dinner. I know it’s unhealthy. I only have it once in a while, or twice a week when I get lazy.
Yesterday, I shopped a little. I have been looking for the perfect white bag. I found a cute black one but I wanted to prioritize white ‘cause I have an upcoming trip. Or maybe I am just using the trip as an excuse to shop. Well, I haven’t found it. I bought something else instead. Not a bag, though.
Bag | Elle
Also, I watched a movie on Netflix last Friday – Under the Tuscan Sun. It reminds me of Letters to Juliet setting. If migrating to another country isn’t as complicated as it is now, I’d definitely be in Italy living my best life. There is something about the place that describes me. God knows. I should start learning Italian. Some job might lead me to this dream country of mine. I could imagine myself waking up with a vineyard view after I pull my drapes sidewards. And as I open my door to the balcony, the birds would greet me good morning in their chirp language. I would get a cup of milk instead of coffee because as you may not know, I palpitate when I drink coffee. Then I’d start writing about wine and cheese, people I saw on the streets and whatnot. That’s how I start my mornings in Tuscany or Verona.
Alright, enough of daydreaming. Let’s get back to my real life where I wake up at noon, take a shower and head to the office with an empty stomach. How uninteresting is that, huh? No wonder I couldn’t blog as much because I’m at work five days a week and spend my weekends lying on bed, watch movies, and window shopping. Well, I am not complaining. This has always been my life since I started working.
I have to say I am proud of myself that I now cook. But don’t expect too much. I just started learning and experimenting. Today, I had sinigang for lunch and dinner. I can’t believe I am actually cooking real food and not just pancit canton and boiled egg. A year ago, I couldn’t even cook a perfect sunny sideup egg. This Christmas, I can finally contribute a dish I have cooked, and not just slicing the vegetables. Please don’t judge me.
Dress | thrifted
This dress is light pink in person, but comes out almost white on camera. Would you believe I had this dress for more than 5 years without me knowing? When we found it in a box full of clothes, it even had a tag on it. Unused and was in perfection condition. Mama probably bought it long ago in hopes that I’d get bigger over the years. Well, I didn’t. My highschool uniform still fits me. It’s no surprise. Anyway, she had this altered herself and ever since, I’ve been liking to wear it.
Hair | Hairshaft Salon

Wow, I have written quite a lot already while watching Friends. I guess I just have to go with the flow, say what’s on my mind, and don’t mind if all of these even make any sense. I should stop here to allot some time for book reading. If you have reached this far, thank you for visiting my blog and bonus on the photos that are in no way relevant to the content of this post. By the way, I had a hair cut a week ago. My hair is healthy again. I mean, it doesn’t look like it, but it really is. I am trying to grow back the original color. How’s that?

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