La Vie Parisienne

 It is my biggest dream to tour around Europe (if possible, for free). I want to personally see that famous Eiffel Tower I’ve been dying to tick off from my bucketlist. France and Italy are just so romantic and dreamy. Dear future husband, please take me to those places for our honeymoon. I promise we’ll split the bill. I want to have breakfast outside a coffee shop whilst watching the passersby. But instead of coffee, I’ll have tea. I want to read a magazine or their local newspaper, pretending to understand their language. I want to just walk around all over the place and have dinner at some fancy restaurant, at least just once.
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Hello Kitty Salon & Spa

Calling all Hello Kitty lovers out there! Guess what! You don’t have to go to Japan or Thailand to experience Hello Kitty heaven anymore. Why? Because we have it here in Cebu!

A year ago, I found out this cute salon and spa upon scrolling my news feed on FB. I immediately searched the location and was surprised it is just beside our college university. Okay, to make things easier for you, it is at GXS Plaza, beside University of Cebu – Banilad, across Country Mall. It’s nearby the Lovey Doggy Cafe, like just blocks away. But I have a serious phobia with dogs no matter how adorbs they are. So I have no plans on blogging about that cafe. Or maybe I will. Just maybe. I am not paid to blab about this salon anyway. I wanted to keep it for myself and for some who already knew, but then I realized I shouldn’t be selfish. So, you’re welcome!
Here’s the façade of the salon. I think I would like it more if they named it Hello Kitty Salon and Spa, but the thing is, I am not the owner. So Pink Strawberry Beauty Spa and Salon it is!

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The Ilocos-Baguio-Manila Travel

This is really a loooong overdue blog but I’m still gonna share it anyway.

I was on a not-so-long vacation last February this year. The plan was
actually just travel around Ilocos for 3 days but what happened? We went to
Baguio for the second time but just a short drop by.

Actually, I just thought of giving you tips on traveling to
Ilocos. Don’t worry, this is budget-friendly. If you are like us (me and
friends) who travel for leisure, then these things I will list below might
be helpful.

Book a promo flight. For us, we booked 6 months
ahead of travel period since we still needed to save up for the big trip and
also, we were busy at work.  Ilocos is
kinda little costly, just so you know.

Hire a private van. Preferably someone you know
so you have no worries on leaving your valuables inside the van. But still, be
responsible and extra careful. My
friends and I hired a van whose driver is our officemate from Manila. We also
had him on our Baguio trip last year. We rented the van for 4 days and 3 nights
so it was quite pricey but all worth it. No regrets at all. He picked us up
from the airport and drove us back to Manila. You can also just book a package tour if you don’t have enough contacts.

Search for places you want to visit and note the
. What’s so good about renting a private van is that you can go
wherever you want without time limit. Also, we had no fixed itinerary so Kuya
Arbee (the owner and driver of the van) took us to a lot of places as
sidetrips. We also dropped by to some tourist spots along the drive.

Search for affordable accommodations. If you
come in a group, a dorm type would be preferable. For us, we got two rooms.
Gentlemen separated from ladies. We didn’t opt to stay in luxurious hotels
‘cause we only use the room for sleeping and shower. We are a group of
practical friends actually. We were after the trip, not the sleep. But if you
guys would go for expensive accommodation, I have nothing against that.

Search for nice restaurants. You wouldn’t want
to miss trying their local cuisine. Just try at least one good food. That won’t hurt the budget. *winks*

Now I’ll just let the photos tell the story.
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