She Got My Back

This will be a sort of OOTD/appreciation post to a close friend of mine, Mich, who is also my former colleague. I remember one Christmas when she gave me 2 Disney dolls and a cute dress. She’s probably one of the most thoughtful and generous people I have in my life. She would give us knickknacks from her travels upon coming back to work.I don’t think I ever got the chance to thank this girl for being so kind to me. I used to tell her about my personal issues and share silly secrets. Mich, if you are reading this, I hope you’d know I am blessed to have friends like you. You are always there to listen (maybe not physically but you get my point) when I start ranting about the usual dramas of my complicated life. I know you got my back. I have only a few friends on my list whom I can fully trust and believe me, you’re one of them. Okay, other besties, when you happen to read this, please don’t be jealous.Just recently, Mich handed me a Christmas gift. Before I even opened it, I knew I would like it. She knows my taste. Wanna know what’s inside? I’m wearing it in the photos. It’s the cute top. I love that it gives me a little sexy back. It can actually be worn the other way around, but we all know I am not so gifted with the opposite side so let’s keep it that way. It comes with long sleeves, too, but doesn’t give you sweats.

My bag is a gift from AJ’s family. Another thoughtful people. Gah, I’ll continue being good to everyone, lol.¬†Now that my style is more “tita”, I no longer wear clothes that are too uncomfy and showing off too much skin, most especially that I don’t apply sunblock (only to my face) because I find them too sticky. I settle for regular body lotions with SPF. If you can recommend me a sunblock with nonsticky formula and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin, it would be much appreciated.

I am also wearing a square pants here, although it does look more of a skirt. I got it from ukay-ukay¬†for a really cheap price. I’ve been wanting to buy the same style at the mall but they’re freaking expensive. Glad there are thrift shops for people like me who don’t wanna spend more. Well, in my case, I really don’t have a lot of money.

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