Our First Wedding Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today, I remember walking down the aisle at a beautiful garden surrounded with the people we love. It was quite a gloomy day and the rain had just stopped pouring. I remember waiting inside the bridal car alone wondering what’s happening at the venue because there was some kind of a delay for a few minutes. I also remember not stressing about it, which was surprising for a bride who went through so much months and days before the wedding. I remember praying that however the wedding goes, I will stay happy. And so I did.

A couple of days ago, I rewatched our wedding videos and browsed the photos. I was smiling alone because I saw myself looking very happy on that day. It only goes to show that I married the right one. I have attended countless weddings and I don’t understand why 99% of the brides never smile during the march. They may be feeling nervous and holding back their tears to not ruin their makeup, can’t blame them for those reasons but I did not want to look any of those brides. I remember just smiling and waiving at the guests while I marched. I was just too excited to see my groom and when I did, my heart just melted. I couldn’t wait to be officially married.

Earlier this year, my husband and I talked about where to spend our long-overdue honeymoon but we didn’t get the chance to. We got too busy with work and moving in and out from one place to another due to so many reasons. Then we found out we were expecting 7 months after the wedding. We then decided to just celebrate our first wedding anniversary abroad. We initially planned to go to South Korea, Japan, or France but guess what, we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to migrate here in the Netherlands just a few weeks ago. So now, we’re in Europe and we’ll celebrate our anniversary in another country this weekend. Can you even imagine my excitement? Of course I have already prepared my outfits two days ago.

Let me post these photos as hints on where we’re going and we’ll talk about it once we get back.

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