My First Week of 2018

First week of 2018 is over and I couldn’t be any more grateful. I made it home before 12 midnight for four days of work. If I haven’t mentioned it enough on my FB posts, IG stories and here in my blog, well, I usually go home on wee hours because of such a busy work. I guess I also did not manage my time well. But anyways, here’s to a new year. I have come into a realization that my life isn’t as healthy as it used to be. I drained my energy every single day. I always find myself watching vlogs at 4 AM. Could you believe that? Once, I was working until 6 AM. How crazy was that! Now, I am slowly learning to change my bad habits. Not because it’s a new year, but because I want my normal life back.

Okay let’s talk about my weekend. On Saturday, I woke up late and decided to do the laundry. I wash my own clothes. If I’m too busy (or lazy) to do it, I ask someone to do it for me and I pay her. But I don’t know what have gotten into me, it took me almost 7 hours to finish everything. It was a heavy laundry day. I showered after hanging my clothes and guess what, the next thing I did was cleaning my room until almost 2 AM. Then, I went outside to hunt for food because I was starving. Lol.

On Sunday, I was supposed to go to church but my whole body was so painful so I didn’t get up on bed until 3 PM. I had my first meal at four and started decluttering my closet after eating. I gave up the clothes I can no longer wear. I think I’ll give away those or sell some maybe.

I’m almost finished with my milk so I’m gonna wrap up now. Thank you, Lord for the productive week. Thank you, too, self for being extra diligent. Hello another week!

P.S. The photo in this post is so random. I just had to include it. It reminded me of my Saturdate with AJ. When he was still in Cebu, we always go out on Saturdays. Now, my weekend is all about cleaning.

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