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The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

I am not so sure what blog name is being referred to this. Is it my URL or my blog title? Anyway, confusion stops here.

My blog title is “Behind Those Sweet Smiles”. I don’t know how come this is somewhat similar to the topic but the real deal about this is that my blog title was supposed to be “The Summer Babe”. However, I thought it wouldn’t be so relevant to my every single post because duuh, it has the word summer. So then I decided on what appears to be the title now. Behind Those Sweet Smiles – do I really need to share this? Okay, I have no choice. I now regret accepting the challenge. Juz kidding. Seriously, the title is pretty much explaining itself already. Behind Those Sweet Smiles – because what you think of me or see in me might not be true. Smiling doesn’t always mean I am happy. But for the adjective “Sweet”, it’s just to add a positive aura.

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