Major Life Update

Wonder where on earth have I been? Well, I was missing in action for quite some time, a lot of changes happened in my life, including the major ones. Let me start by dropping your jaw that I am now jobless. Yes, you’ve read that right. After a very in-depth thinking, receiving too many advices from my friends, asking signs from God, and desperate prayers, I finally decided to let go of my corporate job. I am not the type of person who leave people hanging, wondering what really happened and sugarcoating things when it comes to life. As what my ex-coworkers said about me on my last day of work, I am straightforward. I say what I want to say and I don’t care if I am being judged. After all, whatever you do, people who hate you will always have something to say.

So, to share with you what made me decide to do it is not because I am unhappy with my job. In fact, it was a great opportunity to work with something very interesting but is way too out of my league. The people I worked with are awesome. They are one of the reasons why I kept holding on to my job and the other reason is that I needed the job to support my family and my personal necessities. But no matter how much I forced myself to stay, my heart is telling me the other way around. I wanted to work on something that I love. Something that is close to my heart.

In my entire life, I always think about other people whenever I make decisions. I always consider their reaction, the impact on them, the outcome of it. I almost never prioritized myself. Then I realized it wasn’t healthy anymore. Sometimes, I think it might be too selfish to think of myself first, but I guess it is just the right thing to do. Leaving my job was one of the hardest and probably bravest decisions I ever made. It was life-changing. I had no certainty what would happen next. I have bills to pay. I still need money. But that didn’t matter much to me. All I cared about is how to make myself happy. I wanted to start building up my dreams.

I have read somewhere that says, “If you are doing something you do not love, you are wasting your time.” Wow! That hit me hard. I should have spent that four years doing business instead of devoting my time to the work that is not even close to my passion. But rather than looking back with regrets, I am being grateful for the experience and the chance to meet good friends who are more like a family to me. I am not closing my doors to getting back to the corporate world, but at least for now, I am having my much needed break. I am having the time of my life. No more stress.

Last week, I have just started my business and praise the Lord, so far it is going great. I know success is not easy to reach, but my manager told me that doing something that you love counts already as a success. I took the risk of giving up the job that sustains my daily needs but it is not the one that I “want”, it is what I “need” and I couldn’t be fully happy and contented if I stick with that. So to all of you who are also in the same boat as I am, do not be afraid for a major change, especially if it’s for your happiness. Who knows, it will lead you to a better life – the life that you have always wanted.

In all honesty, I am so indecisive. That is why it took me years to finally make up my mind. I had so many what ifs and fears. But you have to trust the Lord that He will make all your plans succeed if you keep believing in Him and trust Him with all your heart. If you too are not happy with where you are right now, remember it is not too late start fulfilling your passion and chase your dreams. So, let go and let God.

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