La Vie Parisienne

 It is my biggest dream to tour around Europe (if possible, for free). I want to personally see that famous Eiffel Tower I’ve been dying to tick off from my bucketlist. France and Italy are just so romantic and dreamy. Dear future husband, please take me to those places for our honeymoon. I promise we’ll split the bill. I want to have breakfast outside a coffee shop whilst watching the passersby. But instead of coffee, I’ll have tea. I want to read a magazine or their local newspaper, pretending to understand their language. I want to just walk around all over the place and have dinner at some fancy restaurant, at least just once.

 These past few weeks, we have been so busy at work. So, when the boyfriend asked me out on a date last Sunday, I thought of going somewhere we can just chill. I have a list of nice places to go around the city, just in case a movie date or going to a cute café doesn’t work. I scrolled over my list and decided to head out to La Vie Parisienne. I have heard the place has been renovated. I’ve been here a couple of times already, but I wanted to see what’s new.

 I thought it would be crowded there, but thankfully, we went on a Sunday. So, there weren’t a lot of guests. We got the chance to take pictures (or let’s say, we had a mini photoshoot) without photobombers.
 Excuse for the imperfect angles. We only used a GoPro and phone combo. Plus, my bag as a tripod. Resourceful, huh. We didn’t want to bother someone to take pictures of us. I know I wouldn’t be contented with just three shots of each pose. Lol.
 I wanted to pose at every good spot, but poor AJ, he was already sweating.
 They have extended so much of the place. I have no idea what’s this elephant doing here.
 Looks like I really found a great place to chill. Best time to stay here is from 4 in the afternoon and beyond. Or just whenever it’s not too sunny.
 Does anyone know where to get one of these somewhat white tents? I’d love to put up one at the beach.

 Beside La Vie Parisienne is this pink house. They have the same entrance, by the way. And as far as I know, it is a restaurant.

 How it looks like at night.
And presenting, their highlight, the wine cellar.
 There’s too many. I couldn’t decide which one suits my taste.
 So I didn’t get one and took pictures instead.
 The architecture inside really amuses me.

 Wouldn’t you want to sit here and have some wine?
 Spotted right there, is my boss, but was forced to be my slave for the day. I’m sorry, Babe. No more photoshoot. I promise.

 Cheers to more wine!
 View from the inside.

 And to wrap up, that’s how the place looks at night. Still, I want the real cherry blossoms and of course, the real Parisian date.

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