July Favorites

August has come. With that, I have another content for today. This is different from the ones I usually post. I am fond of watching monthly favorites on YouTube and since I do not have a channel, I’ll post it here instead. Here are my July favorites.

Samsung Galaxy Buds. I have been looking for wireless earphones for a long time and AJ gave this to me. At first, I honestly didn’t like it because it’s in ear which is what I do not really prefer. Somehow, I got used to it. It’s pretty cool. You can control the volume and pause/play/forward by tapping the buds while wearing it. It comes with a cute case where the pods charge automatically upon putting it in. Also, the case itself is chargeable. Forgive me if I can’t explain tech stuffs properly, but this isn’t a review anyway. I don’t wear both buds at the same time ’cause I feel uncomfortable when I can’t hear my surrounding. So far, I like its convenience. Sound quality is excellent and aesthetic won me over (as always).

Miniso Blush Pink Spring Notebook. If you know me well, I am sucker for cute things. I collect a lot of notebooks and pens that I haven’t even opened because they are too cute to use. Well, this notebook has caught my attention when I was shopping in Miniso a few months back because it’s made of my favorite colors – gold, pink, and white. I knew at the back of my mind that this will just be an addition to the pile of unused notebooks that I have. But I promised to myself that I should stop wasting money and use the things I bought. So, 4 months later, it became my bills tracker. I don’t know why I don’t like listing my bills and notes on the phone. I’m still old school. I like writing. It’s more effective for me.

Grosser Schatten Umbrella. Rainy season is here. So I invested on a good umbrella. I don’t usually bring one with me because I can be careless at times and I keep losing it. Also, it adds heaviness to my bag. But this one is very lightweight and just the right size for me. Plus, it can block UV 100% although I don’t use it when it’s sunny. I only remember my umbrella when it’s raining. It’s pretty pricey than normal umbrellas but it’s sturdy. My first one of the same brand is still in good condition now and it’s been around 5 years since I had it. Also, the lining inside of this is rose gold. My kikay self is so happy.

Sunnies Face Lip Dip. I still haven’t found the perfect lip product for me, so whenever I hear something good, I try it out. This one comes with an applicator which I like because I don’t know how to apply lipsticks like a pro. I am not an expert makeup reviewer but I’ll try to describe it. It is creamy and soft when applied, very light on the lips, it’s not as very pigmented, so I swipe it about 3 times, depending on how I like. It gives a velvety finish and it’s not long lasting. I don’t actually like long lasting lippies when I intend to wear it the whole day. I don’t like eating or drinking and leaving a lipstick mark on it. So, I remove it and just reapply after eating. Also, because my lips tend to get chappy, when I leave the lipstick on for too long, it feels heavy and thick. I just bought this last Sunday and I’ve been using it everyday at work. I got the shade Peachy Kinda and since I like fresh and summery look, I use it as a blush on and eyeshadow, too. It’s very blendable which is perfect. I’ll get another shade next time when it’s time to reward myself again. Or whenever. I like to think that I work so hard so I can tell myself I need to buy something that makes me happy.

Monte Vibiano Lip Balm. This tiny one does wonders on my lips, I swear. I apply it before wearing a lipstick. It’s transparent on the lips and it almost smells nothing. This is also part of my night skin care routine. Everytime I use it, I wake up with healthy lips. It kinda exfoliates the dead skin and moisturizes at the same time. This is by far the best lip balm that I have ever used. Well, I haven’t really tried a lot, but this one works for me so well. Some other lip balms I tried still get my lips chappy, especially when I’m in the office because it’s always winter there. Anyway, I am not really sure if this is available in the Philippines. AJ just gave it to me. He got it from Qatar Airways’ in-flight amenity kits with a lot of other products together with it. The lip balm is very tiny though. It’s a little bigger than our 10 peso coin. Well, I’m happy that it can fit anywhere but also kind of sad because I don’t know where to get a new one if I ran out of them. I’m open for recommendations of other good lip balms out there. Send help, please.

Salonpas Liniment. This is a “tita” item, I know. I just discovered this when I was looking for the salonpas patch one time. I often get back pains and around the shoulders ’cause at work, we just sit most of the time and my backpack weighs like 10 freaking kilos. This liniment helps release all those pain overnight. Maybe I should also get a good quality mattress for a good night sleep? Or maybe not. It’s equivalent to thousands of liniments. When will I get rich? *lol

So there you have it. That’s all for my July favorites. I’ll try to post my monthly faves and hauls, as well. I should start vlogging. Should I?

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