How’s My Christmas?

Christmas has passed. The past few weeks have been so bellyful. Is that even a word? Lol. Heavy meals here and there, especially during the days when my boyfriend came home. So please don’t ask me why most of my recent photos are hiding the belly. Blame it on the holidays. December has been my busiest month. Too many parties happened. Gift shopping was the most stressful. Cashier lines took too long. I ended up spending more than my allotted budget but it’s fine. ‘Tis the season of giving and sharing.

Anyways, the next sentence would be cheesy so you may skip reading it. All I wanted for Christmas is to spend it with my love AJ. We haven’t seen each other for almost a month and the eagerness to hold him again is desperate enough. Thank God, in spite of the bad weather, he made it home just a few hours before Christmas Eve.

I spent Christmas dividing my time. I had a dinner first with AJ’s family then he drove me home and had my second round of dinner. I was also supposed to post photos of the gifts I wrapped for my family and friends but I binge wrapped on the 24th already so I had no more time to take a snap of all the presents.

Honestly, I just don’t feel Christmassy this year. I remember a few years back, the streets were already full of lanterns and lights as early as the ber month starts. Then you could hear Christmas songs all day everyday. But this year is worse. Came November, there were still no vibes of Christmas I felt. It saddens me. This season is supposed to be jolly. I even stayed up until past 12 midnight for the fireworks but I was disappointed. I have not seen even a single firecracker. Hopefully next year wouldn’t be the same because December is one of my favorite months.

To summarize my whole December in three words, it would be eat, party, shop.

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