House of Eden

I’ve never been this more in love with salmon pink in my whole life. I found this place through a blogger’s post. I think it was Vern or Verniece. And everytime I see cute places on the internet, I add them to my bucketlist. I’m glad it’s in Bangkok. Perfect timing for our travel there.Actually, I was more excited to go to Hello Kitty Café. We were so close to it but I gave up because I saw this place first.I know I look so haggard in all of the photos but whatevs, just mind the interiors. If you know me very well, I’m a huge fan of pink since birth, but currently, I’m obsessed with peachy tones. Something in between pink and peach. So just imagine my reaction when I saw this. I went directly inside and sat down as if I own the place. I almost died of cuteness. I wanted to take their couches home. The food is just great! I ordered some kind of a salad, it has lettuce, of course, onions, avocado, some seeds I don’t know what to call, egg and other greens I only tasted here. This is bomb! Don’t even start asking about the price, else you wouldn’t want to dine here.  The beverages? Perfectly mixed! To die for creamy carbonara.  Strawberry mango smoothie for the lady.  Chocolate flavoured drink for AJ, as always. He sticks to what is familiar to him, while I always explore other stuff and sometimes regret it.They are located at Siam Square, adjacent to Siam Paragon. Just ask the mall guard for the exact location. All I could  wish for is I want them to branch out in Cebu. I am very much satisfied with everything here. Please, take me back.

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