Hello Kitty Salon & Spa

Calling all Hello Kitty lovers out there! Guess what! You don’t have to go to Japan or Thailand to experience Hello Kitty heaven anymore. Why? Because we have it here in Cebu!

A year ago, I found out this cute salon and spa upon scrolling my news feed on FB. I immediately searched the location and was surprised it is just beside our college university. Okay, to make things easier for you, it is at GXS Plaza, beside University of Cebu – Banilad, across Country Mall. It’s nearby the Lovey Doggy Cafe, like just blocks away. But I have a serious phobia with dogs no matter how adorbs they are. So I have no plans on blogging about that cafe. Or maybe I will. Just maybe. I am not paid to blab about this salon anyway. I wanted to keep it for myself and for some who already knew, but then I realized I shouldn’t be selfish. So, you’re welcome!
Here’s the façade of the salon. I think I would like it more if they named it Hello Kitty Salon and Spa, but the thing is, I am not the owner. So Pink Strawberry Beauty Spa and Salon it is!

Their attendants are accommodating. I’ve only been here twice. The last time was last year and they still remembered us. Maybe I’d get a discount on my third visit. Lol. And a free mani-pedi when they find out I am blogging about their salon.

They also sell some goods but I didn’t buy any. I am already full just looking at Hello Kitty everywhere.

I have only tried their manicure and pedicure service. Rate starts at Php80 – 150 depending on the nail polish quality.

I have inquired about their Swedish massage. It would cost you 300 pesos.

They have comfortable sofa and chairs, but I suggest they can have like boundaries for each client. Just in case I don’t like my seatmate, I don’t have to pretend she has pretty nails.

I imagined myself sitting on one of those revolving chairs and someone’s working on my hair.

They also sell beauty products. They used to sell glow-in-dark nail polish but I didn’t get one last time, so now I regret. No more available. I’m so sad.

Okay, bag not for sale. That’s mine. I thought it would look cute there, but it didn’t.

It looks like a toy but it actually works as a real telephone. My heart, please.

Now I’m taking back what I said on my introduction. To you HK lovers, you should still go to Japan, Hongkong, Thailand and to everywhere in the world that has anything to do with Hello Kitty. Also, you can share with me your experience, together with your photos. Japan, please come nearer to Cebu. I cannot afford a plane ticket.

Let me know if there are other HK places to go within Philippines. Pretty please. 🙂


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