Femininity at Its Finest

It’s funny how I wake up so girly every Sunday. It’s my default mood. I tell you, my mama wouldn’t stop her sermon if she finds out that I’ll be wearing pants on going to church. That’s why I have a lot of dresses. Even at work, I wear skirts and dress most of the time.

This Sunday, I decided to be extra girly by wearing pink. It’s my favorite color but you seldom see me wearing it. I don’t even know why. Long were the days when I am pink from head to toe.

Whoever invented the sunglasses is genius. It saves me on days when my eyes aren’t picture-ready.
Sunglasses | Emporium Cebu at P650

Do you ever wonder where I got my dress? It’s not even a hundred bucks. It’s from ukay-ukay or thrift shop. As usual, I find the most unique pieces there. Sorry, but aside from clothes sold at malls are way too expensive and not even worthy of the price, I don’t like wearing clothes that come in bulk stocks. I don’t wanna be walking down the street bumping to a person who wears the same thing as I do. Guys find it cool. Girls don’t. Okay, maybe not all girls.
Pink dress | thrift shop at P50

Is it just me or do you also love the holes detail at the back? And front as well. By the way, I’m wearing the same watch I wore from my previous fashion post. It’s just a different strap. This one is glittery.
Watch | SM Department Store at P499

Bag | thrift shop at P150

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