Disneyland of Bangkok | Dream World

For some reason, it’s December already! Today, I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. You’re actually singing it, aren’t you? Haha! But seriously, I did not report to work since Monday. As you may not know, I work for my father since I resigned from my corporate job. I’ve been feeling a little lazy lately. However, on some days this week, I was productive. I did my laundry, cleaned up my room, decluttering closet, and ran some errands as told by my boss, my father. Gosh, I’m sorry if I sound so complaining but I hate bank transactions.

So anyway, it’s been a month since our tricity trip and looking back at our photos, I miss Bangkok. Should I find a job there? Because I’m planning to go back to the corporate world by January next year. I still have to talk to my father about it though.

Bangkok! How I’ve always wanted to visit you and wish you’re just one taxi away. It is where we stayed the longest during the trip, by the way. I am gonna blog about our travel but there’s just so much photos. For now, I am sharing you our experience in Dream World, which they call “Disneyland of Bangkok”. OMG, I really need to go to the real Disneyland before I turn 30.

So, here’s Dream World! Let me take you there in photos and let your imagination wander.

This globe thing reminds me of the one in Universal Studios though.

I never knew it exists for 25 years already. Thank God for my love of travel and googling about the country before going there. I’m happy I found this place.

Sadly, we arrived here just an hour before they close. It was a late realization that the theme park closes at 5PM. We haven’t really explored the whole area because it’s sooo big and we ran out of time. In fact, we were one of the very few visitors left. But the good thing is that you can take photos everywhere without troubles of photobombers and no long queues on rides.

We weren’t even able to get inside their interesting themed spaces or whatever you call them.

No joke, everything is cute and picturesque. I wish I even had a sneak peak on what’s inside here.

And welcome to Photopia! Where spontaneous photoshoot happens. I’m glad my boyfriend totally understands me that all I want are cute pictures with him. He is now pro at pretending to look happy in photos (most of the time we really are happy, just to clear that out) and carrying me for our signature pose. Sorry for the back pain, my love. I know I’ve got heavier the past few months. Well, not so obvious but I really gained weight, so we’re making the most out of it before I weigh more than 45 kgs. and all we could take is a selfie. That would be so boring. Haha!

I should have worn tutu if I knew it would be so beautiful here.

Seriously, this is my dream vacation house.

Isn’t this a perfect spot for when your boyfriend proposes you? Well, mine did not because he was busy taking photos of me. lol.

Yep, not every corner is for girls. Here’s my boy trying to steal the sword and bring it home.

There are still a looot of picturesque views at Dream World that we weren’t able to capture. It’s for you to explore when you happen to visit here. They have Snow World, goKart, chill and crazy rides, water activities, shops and so much more.

Oh, and if you’re fond of rides, please try the Hurricane. I swear it’s gonna be super unforgettable. I’ll make you wonder why.

For the location of this place, I really cannot tell you in detail because we had a hard time going there. The locals don’t know where it is. We bought our ticket online prior to going to Bkk and it costs around 1300php. I suggest you come by early and wear cute outfits.

If you are one of us who haven’t been to Disneyland, then Dream World is the closest you could get to.


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