Dear Diary Series | Episode 9

Forgive me, I wasn’t able to accomplish the 31-day blog post challenge for last month. I got so busy at work. I even had to study on weekends, I’m crying. We had to lessen our date time so he could teach me. I’m so slow in technical stuff but I got no choice. I have to learn it for the sake of not losing my job. Thankfully, I have a boyfriend who willingly sacrifices his time and effort on coaching me.

Anyways, summer’s here… my birthday’s near. I will travel on my birthday to somewhere beachy, wear some bikinis and get sun-kissed. So excited to dip into the water, walk by the seashore holding a buko juice maybe… and the other hand holding my love Adrian. I promise to take good photos and will blog about the trip.

Yesterday was so productive. It’s about a new beginning. As much as I would love to share it here, I don’t wanna jinx it. It’s something I’ve been longing for.

Okay so tomorrow is Monday again. Ugh! I hate Mondays! I’m a Saturday person. Y’know I think rest days should also take up to 5 days. I mean com’on, we’ve worked for 5 days straight. But well, that’s life – tough! I think I’m gonna hit the sack early tonight. I’ll just wait for AJ to finish his work. Poor darling, working so hard. Last night his friends invited him for a night out. I pushed him to go. He should spend some time with his friends. He’s a good boy so I only have to worry him driving late at night. I’m not the type of girlfriend who keeps on messaging him while he’s out with the guys. I let him enjoy and of course, remind to please behave. I just watched a movie while waiting for him. I usually sleep late when it’s Friday and Saturday night. By the way, the movie is Letters to Juliet. Now I wanna fly to Italy and not going back home until I have wandered all around the place. It’s just so romantic there, I’m so jealous. I wanna watch the movie again because of the setting. Somebody please take me to that place. It’s now on the top of my bucketlist. Kay, I won’t make this long since I have a new post coming up next. But Italy…

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