Dear Diary Series | Episode 7

Friday and Saturday night are the best! You see I’m still up at this hour. Just done creating the templates I mentioned in my previous blog. Maybe sometime I’ll post it here.

I thought I’d be able to do laundry today. I’m gonna do it tomorrow instead, after church. Also, I have to study tomorrow and review my trainings for work. Then maybe watch a good movie while slurping an ice cream. Speaking of which, my favorite flavor is ube. When I was a kid I liked the mango. I don’t really like too much sweet flavors, except for Rocky Road and I only like it because it has mallows and nuts. Fruit salad flavor, too! Now I’m craving for ice cream with pancit canton. Jeez weez. My appetite is so weird. My mind is telling me to eat but my body can’t move. My eyes are half closed but I’m still typing. I should stop now. Sweet dreams.

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