Dear Diary Series | Episode 6

Home alone today! I don’t know where the people are but I like being home alone. I can do whatever I want. I’m a home girl and I don’t like blaring atmosphere on weekends. It’s my only time to rest and thus, quiet hours would be really much appreciated. I can only hear the chickens clucking. Province feels but I’m actually in the middle of the city. Not much vehicles on the road, no horns blowing. So serene. The only sounds I can in my room is the ceiling fan and the mouse clicks of my netbook. I don’t usually write on daytime because I’m a vampire. Jokes. Everything distracts me but now I am blogging because my surrounding is so peaceful. It feels like summer already. Also, I haven’t taken a shower yet. I’m wearing the most comfortable leggings and a refreshing tank top.

Saturday is our date-day but he is working on his part-time job today at home and I have to make wedding invitation templates for my sideline business. Anyway we had dinner last night and just unwinding. I don’t feel like going out this day. I attempted to do calligraphy just earlier but my ink spilled. Was so pissed. I thought of getting my coloring book but I saw my netbook first so I started blogging instead. Last night I slept late. I watched movies so I woke up at around 10 am already. I have so much on the list to do today but my lazy ass couldn’t get off the bed. I think I’m gonna do the laundry later. I wanna watch some movies in the cinema with AJ right now, just like we always do on Saturdays but he’s really busy and I don’t wanna disturb him. I’m gonna go create the templates now. Kbye.

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