Dear Diary Series | Episode 4

I know it’s past midnight but I’m wide awake. I was waiting for him to get home from playing badminton with his teammates. Thursday is his play day (after work) and wish he could do it at least thrice a week just so he could get some exercise. Hoping I could join too but nah, I’m sure I’ll call in sick the day after. I really have no exercise done and I know it’s not good. We thought of going to the gym together but it would be inconvenient for me. Or let’s just say I’m lazy, to get things straight.

I desperately want and need a whole body massage. I sit all day at work but it’s so tiring. Next week I’d better give myself a treat or I can’t survive any longer. Massage would be the best. Now I’m gonna sleep because tomorrow is still hella Thursday. I’m yawning every second. I’m setting my alarm to 7:30am but we all know I snooze it ten times until the clock strikes at 8. I’ll have no choice. Every morning is a struggle for me. I’m really gettin’ a good sleep now. Wake me up when February ends.

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