Dear Diary Series | Episode 3

It has been a looong day. I just turned off my work laptop. I’m home but I was working. I had to double my time taking all of my trainings in preparation for my new project. Unfortunately, still not even half way to get everything done. Worse, I have to compose essays. Yes I love writing! No doubts on that. But not work-related please. I’m having mini heart attacks for these bunch of trainings. Y’know this is one of those moments when I’d use my one wish to Genie that these trainings shall be all done right now. Also, if I can still wish for one more, that’s for my brain to absorb everything I read from the past days. Or maybe Genie could just associate this second wish to the first one. Ughhh this is torture! One thing I hate most is working when i supposed to be scrolling up and down on FB feeds or tapping hearts on Instagram photos or maybe just writing another blog about anything under the sun. Please let it be Saturday tomorrow! Or at least payday. I’m dying of tiredness and this body seriously needs a whole massage if that’s gonna be possible. Well that should be. Rescue me people! (insert scream here) I think the best thing to do now is to sleep. Right.

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