Dear Diary Series | Episode 25

It is Sunday and I am all alone in the house. Reminds me of my weekends about ten years ago when I preferred staying at home, folding my clothes, creating some artworks, and blogging through my old crappy laptop. I really don’t like noisy environment where I couldn’t hear the movie I’m watching. It annoys me. The night shift work really suits me well because I can focus more when the silence is deafening.

My husband has left this afternoon to run some errands. I was supposed to come with him but I woke up tired and I didn’t really feel like going out today. I think I need another massage. Just about a few days ago, we went to a spa and treated ourselves for a long-overdue whole body massage. It was so good that I just wanted to fall asleep there. Also, we had a spontaneous date on Sunday evening after dinner. Went to one of our fave cafés and ordered something unusual. It was the only café opened in the area because it was already past ten in the evening. It was unwinding even if we only stayed for a couple of minutes.

Last month at around third week of November, I flew to Manila alone for a couple of days and spent some time with my workmates who I haven’t seen in a while. Then I slept over at my friend’s/workmates’s for two nights. It was a little far from the city so it was like road-tripping for a bit. But my husband-free days didn’t end there. I went to another town to visit my cousins and spent hours and hours talking about beauty tips and skincare routine.

It was when I went back to our condo that I realized I needed that vacation with people other than my family and husband. Before we got married, I asked AJ to not see me for a month because I wanted to spend some me-time, but it didn’t happen because three months before our wedding was the busiest days of our life. It was almost impossible to chill and take a break for a day.

I am so used to living independently that I missed it when I lived with AJ during the pandemic because we see each other 24/7, even more when we got married. Not that I don’t like being with him all the time, but there are days when I just want to be alone or spend some time with my family or friends and I’m glad my husband has no issues with that. I allow him to do the same, too.

Now it’s past 6 PM and I have to prepare for dinner. I thawed the bacon and will cook rice after I post this blog. Ok bye for now. The husband is home.

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