Dear Diary Series | Episode 23

So, I just used up all my brain cells for the week and my Monday shift hasn’t even started yet. I composed a whole document to be submitted later tonight. I was supposed to wrap it up last Friday, but then the procrastination queen inside of me prevailed. I hope my boss won’t get to read this or I shall pray for some good luck on my upcoming performance evaluation. I attempted to get it all done last Saturday but ended up sleeping all day. Hence, consumed all the left hours of my Sunday rest day cramming to finish it. Well, I did. Just about an hour ago. It’s currently 20 minutes after 6 in the morning. I haven’t slept yet since last night. My body clock is so fcked up every weekend.

Oh boy, I’m even planning to go out later to buy a mini sack of rice and spend an hour roaming around Watsons picking up Korean products in hopes that I’ll be at least half as pretty as those girls. They look like dolls, don’t they? I’ve heard people say not to buy K products as they’re not made for the weather we have in Philippines. Well, works on me. Sorry, friends. I guess my skin is made from Korea. Kidding aside.

I am thinking of what to eat for breakfast but I just devoured my Mendoko ramen leftover from dinner. I’ll probably get some sleep once I posted this. Then wake up before noon to go for a grocery run. Although there’s a 98.2% chance that ain’t happening. I want to be productive on my Monday morning to make up for the lost hours I devoted to sleep on weekends. Maybe I should finish the book I started reading. I’m stuck at chapter one.

Also, just want to brag that I cooked chicken tinola last week. It seemed like the first time I pulled off a decent viand. I was so proud of myself that I had it for two days in a row. I wish my family could’ve tasted it. They would never believe I cooked it because you know, I could barely turn on a stove. I never got the chance to spend time in the kitchen and prepare meals for the fam. Okay, I really had all the time to do that, but let’s just say I didn’t. Moreover, let’s forget the fact that I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in HRM.

Way back in college, my aunt asked me to slice hotdogs. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t know how to properly slice a hotdog. It was like rocket science for me. Every occasion, I always tried to offer some help in the kitchen but they keep me away from the stove and oven. My only contributions were peeling and slicing the veggies. And they even had to show me a sample on how to slice it or else, I would mince everything.

I also didn’t want to touch raw meat because it brings me back to the time when I held a kitten with bare hands, then I threw it right away because I could feel its skin and bones. I was so grossed out. Poor little thing. I’m so sorry, Lord. I was being punished for it because there was one time when my aunt asked me to rinse the ground meat she bought fresh from the market. I couldn’t say no to her. I was so horrified while rinsing it. I almost never touched it. If only it was my mother who asked me to do it, I would just run away and come back after 24 hours.  

My father always used to tell me when will they ever get to taste a dish I prepared. I just pretend I didn’t hear anything. I wonder how I passed my cooking subjects in school. I was always useless in the kitchen. I am only good at washing soiled dishes. But look at me now, my second favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Bedroom is always number one because sleep is life, lol.

Amazing how fast I can type my thoughts for a blog but took me two days to finish a document for work. I should write a book with a different story for each chapter since I easily shift topics. The readers would be confused of what’s the bottomline. I could imagine the reviews saying I am the worst writer ever. Guess I should just stick to blogging, huh. Got to hit the sack now.

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