Dear Diary Series | Episode 14

So it’s Friday, huh. I just shut down my laptop. Yes, I worked until this late ‘cause I was gone from work for a couple of hours and I had to compensate the time I used for dinner and watching Spiderman. I was so sleepy in the office. I knew I needed a long breaktime to regain my energy. I ate so much beef last night. I was craving for shrimps but we couldn’t make it to the movies if AJ let me decide where to eat because shrimps, duuh. I couldn’t stop eating them. And I always pretend I’m never allergic to it. Meanwhile, here I am suffering from itchiness every night for eating all the taboo foods for me.

Anyways, I started watching that KDrama, Strong Woman. AJ’s sister has been forcing me to watch. Lol. I have no copy of the full series yet so I’ve been searching videos of it all over Facebook. I am not really fond of Korean movies, but I’ve watched a few. Now I’m replaying Friends all over again. I don’t know. Never gets old. Their humor amuses me. I’d still laugh at their witty jokes. Most of the time, at their faces. Phoebe is my favorite, and also Ross. Well, I love all the six of them. Sometimes, I’m just biased.

Supposedly, I was looking for HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), but the HOOQ app doesn’t have it yet. Lately, I’ve been crazy ’bout Netflix, too. So many movies. I sometimes spend a movie marathon with myself.

Yeah, I should sleep now. I’m attending an event tomorrow. Good luck, self!

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