Dear Diary Series | Episode 10

I was supposed to post my OOTD blog last night but the photos wouldn’t load. Guess the size is quite heavy or my internet connection is testing my patience again. Now I’m still working on that blog waiting for one photo to upload. If it still doesn’t, I’ll postpone the post on weekend maybe.

It’s almost holy week. My close friend and I planned for a getaway this weekend in celebration of our birthday. Hers will be on the 18th and mine is on 23rd. We might to go some pool and have fun with our churchmates our age. I wish they’d prepare a surprise for us. Haha! Those crazy fellas.

Can’t wait for next week to come. I should start packing this Friday for my birthday trip. Crossing fingers the weather wouldn’t be so killjoy on our travel date. It would be a great birthday gift for me. Just good weather and happy memories. I’m turning 25 real soon. Omg. Slow down age.

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