Getting Closer To My Dreams

Before I usually start writing another post, I reread my previous blogs to assess how I’m doing currently, hoping I have improved. Well, anyway, I had already started on my new job and it’s my second week now. It doesn’t really feel odd except that I am the youngest in our team (which is kind of jawdropping for them) and everyone speaks Tagalog (which is not my mother tongue). I never really thought there would come a day when I decide to work here. I never really liked Manila for a place to work because we all know the traffic here is horrible and the cost of living is more expensive than in my hometown. But here I am now, taking my career into a whole new level.
Looking back at how my year started, it was pretty depressing, everyday was like a Monday for me. You know Mondays don’t sound pleasing to the ears for most people. It’s like a supposed-to-be-weekend but the Earth decided it’s gonna be a non-productive work day. Lol. Remember how jobless I was a few months ago? And how I wanted to become a manager at 35? Well, it just happened nine years early. Yes, I’m closer to reaching my dreams. I’m glad I keep claiming this is gonna be my year. It’s still not sinking in to my mind though – that I got into this position.
I might have hated some days that I needed to go to work in the past (especially when I just got back from a trip and the vacation leaves are over) but I never hated the fact that I got to work in these big companies (being included in the Fortune 500 is a bonus). Back in my previous job, I would sometimes complain that I was tired and I feel lazy to go to work. I gotta be honest. Those non-productive and lazy days do exist. I repeat, they do exist! But then when I remember what my mother would always tell me, “Oh, you are so lucky to be employed in that big company. Think of the other people who could only wish they are in your position.” I couldn’t help but realize that damn, she’s right. So I continue to work my ass off.
We should count our blessings, not our troubles. Because only then, you will come to realize how blessed you are. A few days ago, I visited what I’ve written for my 2019 Bucketlist – just some major goals for this year. And guess what, I have ticked two items off the list. That would be “Get a new job” and “Learn cooking”. Yep, cooking is included in my goal because as you may not know, I have no skills in that area which is very ironic because I have a degree in HRM. I guess I just wasted my tuition fees for the cooking lessons. But you see, I am slowly learning now. I have already cooked a few recipes, not just basic frying. It really feels so good that I am seriously working on my goals and reaching my dreams. I have also started to keep up with a daily meditation by the help of my devotional book. I actually have done this before but then I couldn’t wake up early so I got lost after a few days. Now, I’m gonna do it at night before I go to sleep or anytime I could because I believe our good Lord is available more than 24/7. I guess I really had to come here to find independence, peace of mind, and growth. I miss home. I miss my room where I stayed most of the time. I miss talking random things to my mother, listening to Papa’s loud music, and annoying my brother. I miss hanging out with my bestfriends. I miss my little niece who kept visiting my room and would babble words I would not understand because she’s only one. I miss going to church on Sundays. I miss Cebuano food. But it’s fine because when I come back home, I am a changed woman and I know my family and friends will be proud of me.

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