The Traveler’s Story


I don’t know why but I have a thing for packing things up. Maybe because I got so used of transferring from one place to another. Way back in school days, I transferred schools four times. Imagine the adventure of my life back then. If I only started blogging at 5 years old, I could’ve toured you to places I’ve been to through my photos. My parents’ work involves travel and they used to bring me and my brother along with the trip. I had to adjust living in a city to a province and vice versa. I’m grateful though that it happened it to me. It made me more flexible. As I grow up, adapting to diverse environments is no sweat for me. I could go demure you’d think I’m a mute, and I could go crazy you’d think I’m not normal.

Everytime we packed up before, I would really help them box our things. I love the sound of packaging tapes being pulled, the sound of carton boxes being piled up in the car, and my favorite part? The travel along the road while listening to some mellow music with my headphones on. Then after a long hour drive, I’d wake up to the humidity of air ‘cause guess what, it’s already morning and we almost reach our destination. We usually travel at dawn or in the middle of the night because guys… I’ll just whisper this softly… “we are vampires”. Just pretend you heard my whisper.

Traveling was not always happy times. There were also moments when I didn’t want to leave but we had to. The most heartbreaking relocation I’ve ever had was when I had to leave a place for good. Like never really coming back to stay there, maybe just visit some time. The place is Antique Province. It’s where I lived half of my teenage years. I have best friends there whom I won’t be able to see for a long time.. At first, I didn’t like it there because there were no malls, I didn’t know how to speak their dialect, people slept very early. It was really a province, but somehow I got used to it. I learned their mother tongue in 2 months.

Being used to traveling, on my college days, I barely had time to travel. I was too busy tryin’ to maintain good grades and hung out with friends on weekends. I always looked forward to Christmas break and summer but I didn’t enjoy much. Idk why days fly so fast during vacation when you’re a student. Summer was just like a two-week vacay. You haven’t gone to the beach yet and wear the two-piece you prepared last September, the next week you’re busy chatting your friends about the upcoming enrolment. Oh com’on!

And that is why when I started working, I made a bucketlist of all the places I’ve been dying to visit. It started when I had a four-day vacay in Camotes Island on April 2014. Will post a blog about it soon, though it’s too late. Just let me share my experience. It was followed by an unplanned trip to Antique Province the following month. June, I was at Badian Island. And my last travel for that year was that in Baguio City on August.

This 2016, my first month was so busy and perhaps a good start of the year. My sweetest boyfriend introduced me to his super welcoming relatives.

Just last month, my officemates and I went to Ilocos Sur and Norte, a little sidetrip to Baguio, and Manila City. Next on the list this year would be Kalanggaman or Bantayan Island on summer and hopefully Sagada, Banawe, and Batanes. Hoping for more travels to come while I’m young.

I travel for leisure. I travel to see the beauty of the world with my own eyes. I travel while I still can. I travel for serenity.

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