March | Day 4 of 31

Photograph of the Town I Live In

This is Mandaue City. This is where I live. This is where heavy traffic happens everyday. I couldn’t post a photo of my little town for life security purposes. You might stalk me. Hah!

© Photo from Google Search

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March | Day 3 of 31

20 Facts About Me

1. I have a doraphobia. I don’t touch animal fur or skin, no matter how adorbs they are. In short, I am not a pet lover but I do not hate animals though.
2. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t get tempted by looking at those colorful and mouth-watering sweets. I would only like to take pictures of them.
3. I couldn’t go out of the house without applying body lotion, regardless if I did my brows or not.
4. I barely watch television and I think Abs-cbn’s ASAP is boring, as well as the other network’s similar show. I hate the commercials and the sound of the TV. Also, I only watch reality shows except PBB. But sometimes I do, like for one minute or two.
5. I have pairs of shoes I bought but never worn. I think they need to be given away so other people could use it. Or maybe I’d sell them for cheap prices.
6. I don’t like cold drinks, even cold water. So I don’t drink softdrinks and liquors. Well, except for fresh milk and Chuckie.
7. One of my dream jobs is to work with Candy Magazine. Something that involves writing articles.
8. I sleep with too many pillows and use all of it.
9. I had a baby sister for 6 years. She has joined our Creator in the year 2000.
10. I don’t know how to swim but I can float, like after a hundred tries and concentration to the highest level.
11. Hello Kitty is my first and forever favorite character, though I still wonder why the cat doesn’t have a mouth.
12. I am an HRM graduate and don’t know how to cook without a recipe. It’s not something to be proud of, I know. Just give me time.
13. I couldn’t sleep without a blanket, even if it’s scorching hot.
14. I am not afraid to try extreme rides.
15. I don’t like men with abs. I prefer chubby ones. Well, obviously, as you can see with my boyfriend. But of course, there’s always an exception. I still get a crush onto some guys who aren’t fluffy. Just no abs please.
16. I love arts and crafts. Everything DIY. In fact I have a little sideline business. I cater invitation cards/letters for all occasions and also giveaways.
17. I am a bookworm. I prefer reading books than party all night.
18. I am fond of cute stuffs, especially if they are pink, white, or gold. Those are my favorite colors actually.
19. I love to travel for free. Lol. Who doesn’t want to? Really, it’s my best way to unwind. I like long rides.
20. I crave for shrimps everyday and I am allergic to it.NOTE: This is in random order.

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March | Day 2 of 31

Collage of My Wishlist

First photo is a house with a pool, of course. That’s my wish since birth. Beside it, the photo emphasizes travel. Yeah you got it right. Also, photo at the bottom left are art materials because that’s heaven for me. And lastly, different shades of lipstick. Matte please.

I still have a long list of the things I wish but I only share these four. The rest is confidential.

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March | Day 1 of 31

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

I am not so sure what blog name is being referred to this. Is it my URL or my blog title? Anyway, confusion stops here.

My blog title is “Behind Those Sweet Smiles”. I don’t know how come this is somewhat similar to the topic but the real deal about this is that my blog title was supposed to be “The Summer Babe”. However, I thought it wouldn’t be so relevant to my every single post because duuh, it has the word summer. So then I decided on what appears to be the title now. Behind Those Sweet Smiles – do I really need to share this? Okay, I have no choice. I now regret accepting the challenge. Juz kidding. Seriously, the title is pretty much explaining itself already. Behind Those Sweet Smiles – because what you think of me or see in me might not be true. Smiling doesn’t always mean I am happy. But for the adjective “Sweet”, it’s just to add a positive aura.

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Valentine’s Day 2017

If last year our Valentine’s Day was so perfectly planned, this year was kinda spur-of-the-moment. My original plan was to put a dozen of balloons inside his car with pictures or notes dangling on each flying balloon. It actually should be 14 supposedly but well, a dozen is only 12 and there’s no way I could change that. But what happened was so fail. I sabotaged his sister to help me with the set up. I was even on a leave on the 13th just to prepare everything. Monday came and the circumstances had gone cuh-ray-zeee! I wouldn’t tell the story anymore cos I was really disappointed. So the original plan was canceled on the list. Then I thought of just leaving the balloons together with my gift outside their condo on the 14th at early morning. But then again, fate wasn’t so good to me, I woke up late and I had to ran errands before going to work. Ended up I just handled him my gift in the office since we’re now working in the same company. Yay! Talk about perks of being officemates with your lover. if I had just arrived earlier than him, I could’ve placed the surprise on his table.

I knew he had something for me. I might sound too assuming but well, his surprises are never-ending even on normal days. What more on Valentine’s Day? Lol. Early in the morning, he dropped by at my cube with a bouquet of roses. I couldn’t react. I was so kilig I could’ve hugged him but office etiquettes, people. I don’t know but I just don’t get sick receiving flowers. They’re just so beautiful, they can brighten up my day for a week. Jokes. Okay for a month. Or maybe until I receive another flowers. Haha! Anyway, we ended the night with good food. Had dinner at some Chinese restaurant and went somewhere park-like to talk about how our day went. Then he drove me home at midnight but gave me a 500 gigabyte hard disk with movies before he went home. This guy is really practical.  Always giving me things I could really use. Well, except for the flowers, of course. Last year he gave me a strolly bag for my travels. He never gave me chocolates or cake which are usually what girls get on V-Day. I told him not to give me sweets cos I sure won’t eat them. I would just stare at them until they melt.

We planned on continuing our Valentine’s celebration yesterday, Saturday. Go to Kartzone again and watch a movie after. But you won’t believe what just happened. I got my period last Friday so I couldn’t drive the go kart. The weather’s too sunny, my monthly visitor wouldn’t like it. Anyhow, we had lunch at some place called Snakyard. It’s actually our first time trying there. I suggested the place since I’ve read some good reviews ‘bout it. And the food was really good. The place isn’t that really big though. Their space is a bit tiny but it will do. I’m glad my boyfriend wasn’t disappointed with the food. Y’know he’s too picky when it comes to his appetite and he would seriously complain. That cute chubby boy!
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The Blogger

Hi. Finally, after a long long long time, I can write again. I’ve been itching to write for years after my netbook died, but now it has resurrected. Much thanks to my brother for fixing it for the nth time. I have taking-care-of-gadgets issue, by the way. Lucky to have a tech-savvy boyfriend and a technician brother.

I am so excited to share with you the story of my life. Well, not really everything. The personal issues are posted on my private blog. As most of you may not know, I’ve been blogging since 2009, but I didn’t open it to public. Sorry guys, couldn’t give you the link. It’s kind of containing rated SPG posts. Lol. Jokes! But really…just forget it existed. You might be intrigued and start to hack my accounts, but I bet you can’t. Even me forgot my password. Happens all the time. In fact, I just retrieved my private blog yesterday, after almost a year. I’m so happy I couldn’t stop writing.

Oh! I forgot i have to introduce myself. Okay, so one summer in 1992, a woman gave birth to a precious baby girl named Jemima. Pronounced as dye-mai-ma. That woman happened to be my mom. 23 years later, you’re reading a blog written by that precious baby girl. Not a baby anymore (at least for you), but still precious and yes, still a girl (fortunately). I am actually turning 24 this year, on April 23rd. By the way, just so you know, I love surprises on any occasion (also even when there’s no occasion at all). No, I’m not even talking about my birthday.

You wonderin’ if I’m the only child? Nope. I have one brother who’s a year older than me. Sometimes he acts like a little brother. I guess most boys do.

I am a native Cebuana. A degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Currently working in an IT company.

That’s all for now. Will keep you updated. 🙂

P.S. Blog site construction still ongoing.

This is my official open-diary blog. Launched to public. March 2016.

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