Two days ago, I forgot to pay my internet bill and for one moment, I was thankful I was so negligent of due dates. Hey, I’ve got to read books again. I realized being online almost 24/7 has forbid me to do the things I used to be so fond of. I wasted so many hours playing Candy Crush and adventure games on my phone, watching nonsense vlogs (although not all because I also watch home interior designing/ house renovation videos), and casually liking photoshopped photos on instagram by bloggers who appear to be perfect human beings and are living your dream life. Seriously, I should stop this social media addiction and actually start being productive. Can we count reading as productive, please?

I woke up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I tried to play games on my phone to tire my eyes out only to keep me up all morning. I don’t really need to intake caffein to stay up for long hours. I pulled out my book and continued reading ‘The Wedding Diaries’ by Sam Binnie. It was hilarious and a little stressful but a good read. Rolled out of bed at 8. Prepared milk and instant carbonara just enough to stop the growling of my stomach. I was past half way through finishing the book when I suddenly felt sleepy at 10ish. I slept and woke up at almost 4pm. Oh God, please tell me I’m not going to die soon.

I had scrambled eggs for a very late lunch (almost dinner) and a cold rice. I was done with the book. Slightly impressed to myself, I read another one. This time it’s ‘I Heart New Yolk’ by Lindsey Kelk. It was so moving. I could just imagine myself being in NYC and staying there for good. Just like what Anglea Clark from the book did. Also, I desperately want a job like hers. Blogging about her NY adventures, dating hot guys (okay maybe I’m fine without men but if they’ve got black Amex and bring you to Tiffany’s, I’ll reconsider), and actually living her life. Isn’t that what we all wanted? I finished the book by lunch time yesterday and now I’m on my third. I’m half way through it and I just started this evening. There’s something about it that makes me read faster than ever and couldn’t wait to flip onto another page. Then I get sad when it’s over. It’s like watching a really, really good movie that you don’t want to end, but at the same time you badly want to hit the fast forward button to see how it really ends.

Oh God, I forgot how it feels good to finally get back into my reading habit. What have I been doing with my life lately? About five years ago, I could win an award for being the laziest, most boring, person in the world (or maybe just in our city or house). Actually, I still am. But I do get up every 8 years to go into the kitchen, get something to eat in the most inappropriate time. Who really said I could only eat on specific hours? Read again: please tell me I’m not going to die soon.

Five more days and I’ll be gone in here. I’m going to finally get some life. Please wish me the best of luck for whatever I’m gonna do in the next few days. I might also want to bring my series of ‘The Selection’ books to my trip. I’m on its third book and I never got to finish it since 2015. AJ bought me the set for only God knows how much. I have three other new books, still very sealed, also bought by him. I should read them all before he regrets buying me things I never even use. Then he regrets getting into a relationship where he has an ungrateful girlfriend. Then he breaks up with me. Then I write a book about it. Then I get famous and unhappy because I’m single, but also happy my dream has come true. Writing a book, not being single.

The past few days have been so rainy. If not, gloomy. Since AJ went back to MNL on the 7th, I never went somewhere far than my aunt’s house beside ours. Not even so sure whether I should pay my bill tomorrow to have my internet back again or wait until I finish this current book I’m into. Instagram and YouTube are such distractions. Should I uninstall them? Maybe sometime.

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2018 Life Summary

2019 has come! In four months time, I’m turning a year older. It kinda makes me sad because I feel like I haven’t achieved something significant yet, but at the same time, I’m also thankful to the Lord for adding up another year in my life.

It’s past 2am and here I am, blogging. Actually, I just had my dinner. I know it’s not good but I wasn’t hungry earlier because of the milk tea I have intaken this afternoon. I had a date with AJ before he flies back to Manila later this morning. We’re back to LDR again, but I’m gonna see him soon. I am very happy he stayed in Cebu for almost 3 weeks. I wanted to accompany him going to the airport later but his flight is too early. He has to leave by dawn.

Anyhoodle, I would like to share some of my 2018 highlights.

January. Started my year by traveling to Manila for work and a little vacation.

February. Finally got to tick Bantayan Island off my bucket list. Celebrated Valentine’s Day the LDR way. Got to play badminton again after so many years.

March. Spent quality time with my former teammates. Not much happening this month though.

April. My birth month. The boyfriend tried to surprise me. Well, it was such a fail because his sister told me he’s coming home. She didn’t know it was supposed to be a surprise. Also, I was confined in the hospital for being so overfatigued and I fainted in one of the malls in Cebu. Yep, that was very unforgettable. Please don’t remind me about it in the future.

May. I had my first international travel with AJ’s family to Singapore. Celebrated his birthday in another country.

June.  After 4 years and 2 months, I resigned from my first job. The day after my last day of work, I brought mama to Manila for the first time. She enjoyed so much that she didn’t want to go back to Cebu, lol. This was also the month I started my online business of selling clothes.

July. One of my bestfriends invited me for book shopping when Big Bad Wolf came to Cebu. Attended my college classmate’s wedding and was one of the bridesmaids.

August. I flew to Manila for the third time this year. Stayed there for almost a month. I went to the gym for the first (and last) time with AJ’s officemate who turned out to be my friend instantly. I was about to look for a job there when my family had an emergency and I was the only rescue, so I had to fly back home immediately. Started a new job at a construction site as my father’s secretary/assistant.

September. Celebrated our third anniversary. AJ’s second attempt to surprise me. This time it was a total success.

October. Quick vacation to Negros for my cousin’s wedding and had to rush myself into the doctor’s clinic because of the unusual rashes appearing all over my body. Glad I’m still alive until now. Flew to Malaysia on the last day of the month.

November. Tricity trip (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) with my former colleagues. Spent Christmas a little way too early with my girl friends. We renovated some part of our house, including my room.

December. Went to Sirao Flower Farm with my relatives. Shopped for gifts. Dinner with some of my closest friends from work back then. Spent the actual Christmas lying on bed all day.

That’s it. I guess to basically sum up my 2018, it was more on travels and quality time with my family and friends. Whatever it went, I am beyond grateful I survived the year despite my shortcomings. This 2019, I am claiming it’s my year. Well, seems like everybody wishes the same. May the odds be ever in our favor, folks.


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How I don’t like rainy season when I used to go to work. But now that I’m just home almost everyday, I’m enjoying the cold weather minus the flood. It makes bingewatching movies more chill. Currently, I’m obsessed with this series on Netflix. Most of the time, I’m into series than a two-hour long movie. I actually rewatched How I Met Your Mother but then AJ has been forcing me to watch Brooklyn 99, so I went for it. He got me at “the humor is the same as Friends” and you know how I looove Friends over any other series/movies.

Anyway, this Brooklyn 99 is about detectives, quite interesting and hilarious. Sometimes I wish I’m one of them. lol.

I’m a little bored with my jobless life so I think I’m going back to the corporate world by September. Also, next week I’m flying to Manila for a long vacation. I have no fixed plans on where to go but I have listed down a couple places to maybe visit while I’m there. I’m going to meet my old friends and relatives, too.

On September, we’re going to Negros for a quick vacation. Then, I have international travels on October to November. I should get a job if I travel this much. December will always be for family since it’s Christmas season. I can’t believe ber month is fast approaching. It seemed like I just bought a 2018 planner and I haven’t even filled out half of it.

Last night, I made some crafty stuff because I couldn’t sleep. I’ll post it on my IG stories tonight. I have too many things to get done but I’m all chill. I have wasted so many unproductive days and didn’t even feel bad for being lazy lately. I just need to relax and unwind before I get all crazy with work again.

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The Departure and Arrival Gift

Omg it’s May already. How time flies! It’s his birth month again. I am still thinkin’ what should I get him for a present. Hope he’s not reading this. Speaking of birthday, mine was so memorable! All I ever wanted was to travel on my 25th year. I feel old huhu. And so my wish came true. My boyfriend and I, together with our friends, went to Boracay Island. I know it’s mainstream but whatevs. Our departure was on Thursday night, but was delayed for so long. I was bored and sleepy. Good thing I brought my scribble notebook and a pen. Well, I always have a pen in my bag. While I was so busy scribbling and humming, AJ started to record what I was doing. I thought he was using FB Live but when he suddenly pulled out a gift from his bag, I jawdropped. I had no idea how it fit in his backpack. The box was wrapped so cute, it even had a ribbon. Sure enough he was not the one who did the wrapping part because boys… Hahaha! He wanted me to open it right away. Y’know he’s always like that. He’s more excited than I am when he throws me a surprise. Sometimes he even gives me hints. He goes like, “Com’on, open it Babe! Open it! You’re gonna like it! You can use it for your artcrafts…” blah blah. Most of the time I tease him. I do not open it if he keeps on nagging. Okay, going back to the gift, I love it!!! I saw it in Scribe at SM Cebu but I never planned on buying it. Girl, way too expensive. I’m not gonna have lunch for two weeks if I’m buyin’ it. I don’t know why he bought it. I even forgot about it. Pricy things do not stay longer than two days in my mind. Lol. I only asked for a phone case when he insisted me to tell him what’s my birthday wishlist.

When we arrived back in Cebu, he handed me another gift again. You know what’s inside the two presents? Keep reading.
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I was supposed to post my OOTD blog last night but the photos wouldn’t load. Guess the size is quite heavy or my internet connection is testing my patience again. Now I’m still working on that blog waiting for one photo to upload. If it still doesn’t, I’ll postpone the post on weekend maybe.

It’s almost holy week. My close friend and I planned for a getaway this weekend in celebration of our birthday. Hers will be on the 18th and mine is on 23rd. We might to go some pool and have fun with our churchmates our age. I wish they’d prepare a surprise for us. Haha! Those crazy fellas.

Can’t wait for next week to come. I should start packing this Friday for my birthday trip. Crossing fingers the weather wouldn’t be so killjoy on our travel date. It would be a great birthday gift for me. Just good weather and happy memories. I’m turning 25 real soon. Omg. Slow down age.

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Forgive me, I wasn’t able to accomplish the 31-day blog post challenge for last month. I got so busy at work. I even had to study on weekends, I’m crying. We had to lessen our date time so he could teach me. I’m so slow in technical stuff but I got no choice. I have to learn it for the sake of not losing my job. Thankfully, I have a boyfriend who willingly sacrifices his time and effort on coaching me.

Anyways, summer’s here… my birthday’s near. I will travel on my birthday to somewhere beachy, wear some bikinis and get sun-kissed. So excited to dip into the water, walk by the seashore holding a buko juice maybe… and the other hand holding my love Adrian. I promise to take good photos and will blog about the trip.

Yesterday was so productive. It’s about a new beginning. As much as I would love to share it here, I don’t wanna jinx it. It’s something I’ve been longing for.

Okay so tomorrow is Monday again. Ugh! I hate Mondays! I’m a Saturday person. Y’know I think rest days should also take up to 5 days. I mean com’on, we’ve worked for 5 days straight. But well, that’s life – tough! I think I’m gonna hit the sack early tonight. I’ll just wait for AJ to finish his work. Poor darling, working so hard. Last night his friends invited him for a night out. I pushed him to go. He should spend some time with his friends. He’s a good boy so I only have to worry him driving late at night. I’m not the type of girlfriend who keeps on messaging him while he’s out with the guys. I let him enjoy and of course, remind to please behave. I just watched a movie while waiting for him. I usually sleep late when it’s Friday and Saturday night. By the way, the movie is Letters to Juliet. Now I wanna fly to Italy and not going back home until I have wandered all around the place. It’s just so romantic there, I’m so jealous. I wanna watch the movie again because of the setting. Somebody please take me to that place. It’s now on the top of my bucketlist. Kay, I won’t make this long since I have a new post coming up next. But Italy…

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March | Day 4 of 31

Photograph of the Town I Live In

This is Mandaue City. This is where I live. This is where heavy traffic happens everyday. I couldn’t post a photo of my little town for life security purposes. You might stalk me. Hah!

© Photo from Google Search

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March | Day 3 of 31

20 Facts About Me

1. I have a doraphobia. I don’t touch animal fur or skin, no matter how adorbs they are. In short, I am not a pet lover but I do not hate animals though.
2. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t get tempted by looking at those colorful and mouth-watering sweets. I would only like to take pictures of them.
3. I couldn’t go out of the house without applying body lotion, regardless if I did my brows or not.
4. I barely watch television and I think Abs-cbn’s ASAP is boring, as well as the other network’s similar show. I hate the commercials and the sound of the TV. Also, I only watch reality shows except PBB. But sometimes I do, like for one minute or two.
5. I have pairs of shoes I bought but never worn. I think they need to be given away so other people could use it. Or maybe I’d sell them for cheap prices.
6. I don’t like cold drinks, even cold water. So I don’t drink softdrinks and liquors. Well, except for fresh milk and Chuckie.
7. One of my dream jobs is to work with Candy Magazine. Something that involves writing articles.
8. I sleep with too many pillows and use all of it.
9. I had a baby sister for 6 years. She has joined our Creator in the year 2000.
10. I don’t know how to swim but I can float, like after a hundred tries and concentration to the highest level.
11. Hello Kitty is my first and forever favorite character, though I still wonder why the cat doesn’t have a mouth.
12. I am an HRM graduate and don’t know how to cook without a recipe. It’s not something to be proud of, I know. Just give me time.
13. I couldn’t sleep without a blanket, even if it’s scorching hot.
14. I am not afraid to try extreme rides.
15. I don’t like men with abs. I prefer chubby ones. Well, obviously, as you can see with my boyfriend. But of course, there’s always an exception. I still get a crush onto some guys who aren’t fluffy. Just no abs please.
16. I love arts and crafts. Everything DIY. In fact I have a little sideline business. I cater invitation cards/letters for all occasions and also giveaways.
17. I am a bookworm. I prefer reading books than party all night.
18. I am fond of cute stuffs, especially if they are pink, white, or gold. Those are my favorite colors actually.
19. I love to travel for free. Lol. Who doesn’t want to? Really, it’s my best way to unwind. I like long rides.
20. I crave for shrimps everyday and I am allergic to it.NOTE: This is in random order.

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March | Day 2 of 31

Collage of My Wishlist

First photo is a house with a pool, of course. That’s my wish since birth. Beside it, the photo emphasizes travel. Yeah you got it right. Also, photo at the bottom left are art materials because that’s heaven for me. And lastly, different shades of lipstick. Matte please.

I still have a long list of the things I wish but I only share these four. The rest is confidential.

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