Dear Diary Series | Episode 2

I am officially back to blogging. I was gone for over a couple of months since last year because my netbook couldn’t survive any longer. It had rendered more than 5 years of service to me and now I think it wants to retire. I could still use it if I want to. The boyfriend tried to revive it but nah, too slow already. I planned to buy another netbook this year but my biggest fan is too desperate to read my blogs again, he gave me a new netbook as Christmas gift last December. I literally cried of happiness. Never thought he would actually spend thousands of bucks to show his support on my hobby. Moral support is enough, Babe. Moral support. Oh boy, I would expect a house and lot from you soon. Just kidding! Aaaahhh! Feels so great pressing onto the keyboard. I have too many pending posts but I lost some of my drafts already so I’ll just post some new ones.

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Dear Diary Series | Episode 1

It’s past 1am and as usual, I’m still up. Well actually, I got home late. Had to work so hard I deprive my sleep. Jokes. But really, I was in the office until past 11pm. My boyfriend picked me up though he was with his officemates spending some night out. It was so sweet of him to make sure I get home safe. Every single day of my life I feel so loved and cared about. How lucky should I feel of this.

Anyway, I have an overdue blog supposed to be posted last week but I wasn’t able to ‘cause yknow, I get too lazy at times. But truth is, I don’t want to use my brain on weekends. It’s kinda not very much functional.

Now it’s almost 2am and I really have to sleep now. The boyfriend invited me to attend on their family day tomorrow together with his workmates. Please wake me up at 8am at most. Good night folks.

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