Camotes Island Invasion | Where to Go

It was year 2015 when I first visited this island and promised to myself I’d go back one day. Well, I just did two years later. Last week, my officemates and I went to Camotes for our summer outing. It was just two days though. If you’re from Cebu, then I could guide you on how to get there.


  • Ride a jeepney bound to Danao from North Bus Terminal. I forgot how much is the fare but I think it’s Php35-40. Tell the driver to drop you off at Danao Port. It’s beside Jollibee.
  • Tickets are sold there at Php180 for one way. A barge will take you to the island for at most 2 hours. The earliest trip is at 5:30am. Be sure to come at least an hour early. The line at ticket counter would take you long. They also have trips at 11am and 3pm, if I am not mistaken.
  • Once you get to the island, the adventure begins. You may ride a motorcycle or tricycle that would take you to where you wanna stay. There is no taxi there, just so you know. Well, there are multicabs, too, that you could rent but I have no idea how much they’d ask. If you go on a group, they charge 100 per head. It depends on how you haggle with the driver.

Last 2015, I toured around the northern part of the island. And just recently, I invaded the southern part. Alright, I guess I have conquered the whole island already. In fact, I have been to the island across it, too. I was invited for a holy week celebration. Why do I keep saying the word island? Lol.

Now, here’s a tip that would cost you additional money to shell out, but it’s worthwhile anyway. So, on the second day of our team outing, we didn’t have an itinerary. Most of the gang just slept and took a good rest since they stayed up until dawn by the shore. AJ and I decided to tour around. We rented a scooter for Php500. That’s the normal rate, regardless if you use it for a whole day or half. You can go anywhere you want! On our next getaway, we will rent again a scooter, so we can sulit the trip. It’s more convenient than renting a car and it’s cheaper. Plus, I can spend time alone with the boyfriend. Yaiks! Also, we ticked off roadtrip from our bucketlist on that day. By the way, you can just ask the residents there on where to rent scooters or cabs. The people are friendly anyway.

On the way, we just relied on google maps since there are roads where you can ask no one because there are no residents. But every now and then, we asked people for directions just to clarify if we were still on the right track. Also, the signal there is limited. Good thing we have network options. I am a Smart user while AJ is a Globe user. There’s not much signal on Smart there.

Okay, I should start talking about the tourist destinations you shoud visit there before this blog gets longer.

Photo diary starts here.

Santiago Beach Resort. Enjoy late afternoon walks here and dip your toes into the white sand. You can also set up a tent and sleep there at night. There are also tents for rent. Rates start at 100 for a small tent, good for 2.

Buho Rock Resort. If you’re into diving, then you can do it here. I wanted to jump off also but you know, I don’t know how to swim. Wasn’t ready to risk my life. Lol.

Timubo Cave. I don’t know how to describe caves but this one is amazing. The first time I went here, I was confused where the cave was located, only to realize it was underground. It’s exciting going down. The way is slippery and narrow but the rocks are pointed, so you may wear slippers but just be careful.

Bukilat Cave. It’s kinda horror and intriguing inside. They allow swimming, but it was low tide when I went there last time, so wala akong napala.

Amazing Cave. Actually, we didn’t get inside the cave when we got there. We didn’t expect we’d get wet all over and we weren’t able to bring extra clothes. I have no idea what’s inside the cave. Someone just suggested us to check it out. You may search on Google for photos. It’s a new cave, I’ve heard.

Lake Danao Park. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions there, but not so much activities to do here. They have boating, sakanaw, and horseback riding. You can tour around the lake for 30 minutes at 50 per head. The ride is good for two, so if you are single, then you better not try this one. Don’t make yourself lonely. Just kidding.

Mangodlong Rock Resort. They call it their own version of Boracay for its white sand. There is also a restaurant there. Prices start at Php160. Not too pricy, but we had a bad experience. We had to cancel my order because it was almost been 30 mins and they haven’t served it yet. They have rooms for 2,200 good for 3 pax and there’s one for a family size, too. They have limited rooms only, so book ahead if you’re planning to stay overnight. Also, pool is available. 50 for kids, 100 for adult.

My Little Island Hotel. As far as I could remember, their hotel room is 1,500 good for 2. It’s a bit far though, but if a 360 degree view of the province is what wakes you up, then it’s worth the travel. They also have pools. 100 per head for day use. Just bring your own food. The prices are a bit higher there. I’m just not sure if they have corkage fee.

Flying Fish Resort. The first time I saw a crystal clear water was in here. It’s the same road going to My Little Island Hotel.

If I missed some attractions, please let me know. I might go back to the island someday. Hope this blog helps. Feel free to message me for queries.

DISCLAIMER: I have more of videos than pictures during my trip, so all photos here are from Google. I ‘may’ upload a video soon. Emphasis on may since videos are heavy to upload. I don’t want to keep your hopes up. I know it hurts. Lol.

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