Our First Wedding Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today, I remember walking down the aisle at a beautiful garden surrounded with the people we love. It was quite a gloomy day and the rain had just stopped pouring. I remember waiting inside the bridal car alone wondering what’s happening at the venue because there was some kind of a delay for a few minutes. I also remember not stressing about it, which was surprising for a bride who went through so much months and days before the wedding. I remember praying that however the wedding goes, I will stay happy. And so I did.

A couple of days ago, I rewatched our wedding videos and browsed the photos. I was smiling alone because I saw myself looking very happy on that day. It only goes to show that I married the right one. I have attended countless weddings and I don’t understand why 99% of the brides never smile during the march. They may be feeling nervous and holding back their tears to not ruin their makeup, can’t blame them for those reasons but I did not want to look any of those brides. I remember just smiling and waiving at the guests while I marched. I was just too excited to see my groom and when I did, my heart just melted. I couldn’t wait to be officially married.

Earlier this year, my husband and I talked about where to spend our long-overdue honeymoon but we didn’t get the chance to. We got too busy with work and moving in and out from one place to another due to so many reasons. Then we found out we were expecting 7 months after the wedding. We then decided to just celebrate our first wedding anniversary abroad. We initially planned to go to South Korea, Japan, or France but guess what, we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to migrate here in the Netherlands just a few weeks ago. So now, we’re in Europe and we’ll celebrate our anniversary in another country this weekend. Can you even imagine my excitement? Of course I have already prepared my outfits two days ago.

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Dear Diary Series | Episode 25

It is Sunday and I am all alone in the house. Reminds me of my weekends about ten years ago when I preferred staying at home, folding my clothes, creating some artworks, and blogging through my old crappy laptop. I really don’t like noisy environment where I couldn’t hear the movie I’m watching. It annoys me. The night shift work really suits me well because I can focus more when the silence is deafening.

My husband has left this afternoon to run some errands. I was supposed to come with him but I woke up tired and I didn’t really feel like going out today. I think I need another massage. Just about a few days ago, we went to a spa and treated ourselves for a long-overdue whole body massage. It was so good that I just wanted to fall asleep there. Also, we had a spontaneous date on Sunday evening after dinner. Went to one of our fave cafés and ordered something unusual. It was the only café opened in the area because it was already past ten in the evening. It was unwinding even if we only stayed for a couple of minutes.

Last month at around third week of November, I flew to Manila alone for a couple of days and spent some time with my workmates who I haven’t seen in a while. Then I slept over at my friend’s/workmates’s for two nights. It was a little far from the city so it was like road-tripping for a bit. But my husband-free days didn’t end there. I went to another town to visit my cousins and spent hours and hours talking about beauty tips and skincare routine.

It was when I went back to our condo that I realized I needed that vacation with people other than my family and husband. Before we got married, I asked AJ to not see me for a month because I wanted to spend some me-time, but it didn’t happen because three months before our wedding was the busiest days of our life. It was almost impossible to chill and take a break for a day.

I am so used to living independently that I missed it when I lived with AJ during the pandemic because we see each other 24/7, even more when we got married. Not that I don’t like being with him all the time, but there are days when I just want to be alone or spend some time with my family or friends and I’m glad my husband has no issues with that. I allow him to do the same, too.

Now it’s past 6 PM and I have to prepare for dinner. I thawed the bacon and will cook rice after I post this blog. Ok bye for now. The husband is home.

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Wedding Series: Common Traditions That We Skipped

It has been almost 3 months since I got married. I was supposed to blog about our wedding preps, wedding tips, and whatnots. But I was so swamped since the start of the year. I have a full-time job that pays me and had a full-time wedding planning for months that took my money away. Two things that have opposite effects on my bank accounts.

I got a little time today so I decided to start writing about our wedding. This time, it’s gonna be all about the traditions that we intentionally skipped. While our parents are very traditional, AJ and I are very unorthodox and quite contemporary. We are both typical Taurus. So you know, both stubborn. Before we started our wedding preps, there were two conditions I asked him: no acceptance of single penny from our families or friends before the wedding and no debts after the wedding. Well, it’s not that I didn’t want help from anyone, but my point was that we both wanted to get married so we should have thought about financial readiness. I am not against people who willingly accept help or assistance from their loved ones or parents who insist on paying for the celebration, but I am just different. I wanted us to spend our own money so our parents would know that we are ready for marriage – financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Another thing was that I didn’t want any unsolicited suggestions. We all know that the tendency when someone offers help is that they think they have the right to suggest anything. My bride moment would flip out if that happens to me. I am very lucky that AJ supported my decisions and just wanted me to give the wedding of my dreams, which almost didn’t happen mainly because of the pandemic.

Now here goes the list of wedding traditions that we intentionally skipped/broke:

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The Proposal: Not the Usual

Fourteenth of August 2020. It was a Friday night and I was about to start my shift. On most days, I am cranky on the first few minutes after I wake up but at that night I was exceptionally not. I even helped him in the kitchen reheating the food for our dinner. We don’t usually eat together on working days because we have a totally opposite shift. But the universe was very supportive of his plan. My meetings were miraculously canceled so we got to have dinner together. I knew there was something going on because prior to that day, he kept asking me what I wanted to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He knows I only eat twice a day, sometimes even just once.

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Dear Diary Series | Episode 24

A few minutes from now, the curtains will brighten up because it’s about sunrise. I am still wide awake because I woke up at 10 in the evening last night. I just watched French Toast and jumped out of the bed after the movie. Opened my laptop and now I’m trying to write. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to post this. I had so many drafts that went to trash bin because I never got to finish them. Well anyway, I’m moving to Paris or Italy. Just kidding, but I hope it really happens. There’s something about Paris and Italy that makes me want to live there forever. I promise I’d try all the flavors of gelato.

If the books that I read and movies that I watch with Paris and Italy settings are signs that I’m moving there, I tell you, I would in a heartbeat. Lately, I’ve been watching really really old films. The oldest one is 1950’s – Roman Holiday. It’s a black and white film but I did love it. About a month ago, I binge-watched the movies where Audrey Hepburn starred. Adored that woman so much that I’m pretty sure I’ll have her photograph hung in one of the corners of my house someday.

It is Sunday today. I am torn between going back to sleep and start cleaning. Or painting. We’ll see. I have tried painting and it seemed like it’s not for me or maybe I just need more patience instead of giving up too early before I could finish one simple artwork.

Should I just cook breakfast now? Is it normal to crave for samgyupsal early in the morning? Am I normal? My stomach is rumbling. I should start preparing my food before my drowsiness takes over. Or laziness. Okay, BRB in 4 months?

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Dear Diary Series | Episode 23

So, I just used up all my brain cells for the week and my Monday shift hasn’t even started yet. I composed a whole document to be submitted later tonight. I was supposed to wrap it up last Friday, but then the procrastination queen inside of me prevailed. I hope my boss won’t get to read this or I shall pray for some good luck on my upcoming performance evaluation. I attempted to get it all done last Saturday but ended up sleeping all day. Hence, consumed all the left hours of my Sunday rest day cramming to finish it. Well, I did. Just about an hour ago. It’s currently 20 minutes after 6 in the morning. I haven’t slept yet since last night. My body clock is so fcked up every weekend.

Oh boy, I’m even planning to go out later to buy a mini sack of rice and spend an hour roaming around Watsons picking up Korean products in hopes that I’ll be at least half as pretty as those girls. They look like dolls, don’t they? I’ve heard people say not to buy K products as they’re not made for the weather we have in Philippines. Well, works on me. Sorry, friends. I guess my skin is made from Korea. Kidding aside.

I am thinking of what to eat for breakfast but I just devoured my Mendoko ramen leftover from dinner. I’ll probably get some sleep once I posted this. Then wake up before noon to go for a grocery run. Although there’s a 98.2% chance that ain’t happening. I want to be productive on my Monday morning to make up for the lost hours I devoted to sleep on weekends. Maybe I should finish the book I started reading. I’m stuck at chapter one.

Also, just want to brag that I cooked chicken tinola last week. It seemed like the first time I pulled off a decent viand. I was so proud of myself that I had it for two days in a row. I wish my family could’ve tasted it. They would never believe I cooked it because you know, I could barely turn on a stove. I never got the chance to spend time in the kitchen and prepare meals for the fam. Okay, I really had all the time to do that, but let’s just say I didn’t. Moreover, let’s forget the fact that I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in HRM.

Way back in college, my aunt asked me to slice hotdogs. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t know how to properly slice a hotdog. It was like rocket science for me. Every occasion, I always tried to offer some help in the kitchen but they keep me away from the stove and oven. My only contributions were peeling and slicing the veggies. And they even had to show me a sample on how to slice it or else, I would mince everything.

I also didn’t want to touch raw meat because it brings me back to the time when I held a kitten with bare hands, then I threw it right away because I could feel its skin and bones. I was so grossed out. Poor little thing. I’m so sorry, Lord. I was being punished for it because there was one time when my aunt asked me to rinse the ground meat she bought fresh from the market. I couldn’t say no to her. I was so horrified while rinsing it. I almost never touched it. If only it was my mother who asked me to do it, I would just run away and come back after 24 hours.  

My father always used to tell me when will they ever get to taste a dish I prepared. I just pretend I didn’t hear anything. I wonder how I passed my cooking subjects in school. I was always useless in the kitchen. I am only good at washing soiled dishes. But look at me now, my second favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Bedroom is always number one because sleep is life, lol.

Amazing how fast I can type my thoughts for a blog but took me two days to finish a document for work. I should write a book with a different story for each chapter since I easily shift topics. The readers would be confused of what’s the bottomline. I could imagine the reviews saying I am the worst writer ever. Guess I should just stick to blogging, huh. Got to hit the sack now.

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