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Are you kiddin’ me? It’s February already. Where did the time go? It’s only two days before people go all cheesy and romantic and everywhere is red. Why do I sound so bitter? Lol. Alright, LDR sucks which means I do not have a date on Valentine’s Day. I mean, that’s totally fine but still, it’s so sad to think we’re gonna spend the occasion apart. Anyways, not much happening today. I came late at church this morning because I woke up late, then I watched Netflix the whole afternoon. Sundays are so perfect for my movie marathon. For the longest time, I have listed Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my to-watch movies. Well guess what, I just saw it today. I thought it was a series. The movie was long and l love the setting. You know, very vintage and classy. Those are one of my types. My favorite one is Letters to Juliet. Ugh! I can watch it all over again and again. I have always been an old-school. Whenever I watch classic movies, I feel like I’m starred in the movie, too. Okay maybe not the protagonist, but I think I could pass as an extra. I remember how I wanted to be an actress or a model when I was a little girl. I live nearby ABS-CBN studio and their van would always pass by the road. I would wave at the tinted glass windows while the other hand is on the waist, posing and smiling. How desperate I was to hope they would discover me. Lol. Now that I’m getting older and no agency has contacted me yet, I could only dream of being a part of a movie where I could dress like the old times. I like medieval outfits. They look so inconvenient to wear, but whatevs, I want them. I think I was born the wrong year.

Yeah, back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I know Audrey Hepburn by the name and I don’t understand why she is iconic. But after I saw the movie, I must say, she really is. I never thought she is such a beauty. All photos that I’ve seen of her is wearing sunglasses and a hat. She’s yet the only woman I have seen looking so extra and minimalist at the same time. Very elegant. I adore her style.

Also, I watched Wild Child last night. I’ve had too much chick flicks in my life. Actually, I go for random movies. Sometimes I find myself watching a very boring one but I still finish it. The only movies that don’t interest me at all are Sci-Fi. Yeah, I could watch it when I have no choice but it’s never gonna be on my list. Same with books, I don’t like Fantasies. I tried reading Twilight long time ago but I stopped it before I was even half way. I don’t have anything against unrealistic movies and books but I just don’t find them fascinating at all.

It’s now already 2 AM now. How I hate Mondays! They make my life miserable. I still want to watch Friends. Y’know, I couldn’t count on how many times I have watched this series. Never gets old. Always amuses me. I think I should also go back to reading. I miss my old hobby.

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