Adventure-filled Birthday in Boracay

Usually, I don’t celebrate my birthday in the most special way, but last year, it was my 25th and I really wanted to go somewhere. Since my birth month falls on summer, beach is the perfect place to go. And so we went to Boracay. We spent 3 days and 2 nights there and it was really unwinding. We had so much activities inspite of our very limited time. I must say, it’s one of my birthdays I will never forget.

I was supposed to blog about this a month after our vacation but I don’t know what took me so long. Anyways, below are the activities we did at the island.

Witnessing the beautiful sunset. There is something about the sunset in Bora that makes it romantic. It was actually super crowded during the time we went there because there was an international water activity. I forgot what it’s called. And also, I was quite disappointed with the beach. Just too many algae, you don’t want to swim.

Strolling by the seashore and watching fire dance. I was amazed by how talented the folks are. I know they aren’t the best fire dancers in the world but they entertained the crowd so much. They asked for tips after their performance and I think it’s rude that people just walked away from them. I mean, if you cannot give a penny, at least let them know they did great rather than turning back at them.

Take a photo with the moving statues. We paid a hundred bucks for unlimited photos with these people who look like real statues. lol. Imagine how much effort they put into making themselves look like these. They are lit!

Parasailing. I guess if you are into extreme sports you wouldn’t enjoy this activity that much. You are just going to sit down and slowly being lifted up to 150 feet high above sea level. I couldn’t really remember how long we were on flying up there, but I think it was only around 15-30 minutes.

Jetskiing. Okay this was like 20 times better than parasailing. This was the best 30 minutes of my life last year. The boyfriend wanted me to drive it but nah, I wasn’t ready to die at 25. Very opposite to my first time jetskiing. I was 8 years old then and it was my father who drove it. I had no life jacket on that time. I thought I was a cat. I have 9 lives.

ATV ride. From water to land adventure real quick. This was too much. We passed on very rocky roads and like deadends at the forest, plus super dusty roads.


Private beach in Boracay. I swear this is not edited. The owner of the travel agency where we availed our activities was so kind to us. She let us went to the private beach for free but only for 30 minutes. And guess what, we didn’t go swimming. We only took pictures. Now I regret not dipping even for just 5 minutes.

Not leaving Bora without taking a photo with the sand art. I wonder how the island looks like now. I might go back one day and actually go for swimming, because honestly, we left Bora without even dipping into the water. How crazy! Still one of the best trips ever!

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