Unconventional Christmas Outfit

As oppose to the other boyfriends out there who would tell their girlfriends to wear conservative clothes, mine prefers me wearing body-hugging outfits and mini shorts. He likes it when I wear something so simple yet so sexy. But, of course he doesn’t always get what he wants. I have no staple outfit. I’d always experiment with other looks. Sometimes, I check out bloggers for style inspo, but most of the time, I create my own. Not to brag, but I have invested in a lot of clothes. About 98% are from ukay-ukay because it’s where you can find unique pieces in a cheap price. On some lucky days, I would get to find designer brands. I have a lot of them. Once, mama bought a bag for 150php. It looked so new and has really good quality. When I looked it up on the internet, it costs around 25k in pesos. How crazy of a steal is that?Okay, going back to what we were actually talking about. Whenever AJ doesn’t like what I’m wearing, he would just look at me from to toe with confusion and then laugh. Sometimes, he would ask me like, “are you comfortable with what you’re wearing?” Then I never wear that outfit again when he’s around.About this one, I opted for something green and red because it was Christmas season by the time I wore this. I really like this skirt. Yep, used and abused. The unique cut and embroidered cherries on it. I bet you 100 bucks (only 100 because I’m poor), no one has the exact skirt as I have. Did I mention it was only 20 pesos? You heard that right.

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